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Dear Friends,


Annual Picnic Last Day for regsitration: 03-Feb-2014 


The Executive Committee of Indian Social Club, Sohar is organizing an exclusive event the Annual Picnic only for members of the club onFriday, 7th Feb. 2014 in Jubilee Park (near the beachside) from 10 am onwards. All those who renew their membership or become new members by that time will be eligible to attend.


As we must have an idea about the numbers attending to arrange for food etc., I request all those who intend to attend to please register giving details about whether single or with family membership, number of family members attending and whether Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. A highly subsidized token amount of R.O 1/- for single and R.O 2/- for family will be charged. Family includes children, however dependent parents can attend the picnic after paying an amount of R.O 1/- per head.


The Executive Committee has decided to distribute complimentary T-shirts with club logo to all members old or new who attend the picnic. One T-shirt will be given to those with single membership while those with family membership will get two T-shirts. I invite corporate groups to sponsor the T-shirts and their logo will be printed on the T-shirts.


As the T-shirts have to be printed with the logo please give your size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL along with renewal / or new membership fee and picnic registration fee before Monday, 3rd Feb. 2014 to any Executive Committee member whose names are listed below. Please call after 7 pmfor details about the picnic. Picnic registration after 3rd Feb will not guarantee T-shirt with logo.

  1. Mr. M.S. Jha                          99838233 (Falaj & Industrial area)
  2. Mr. Rajesh K.                         99385148 (Souq & Tareif area)
  3. Mr. Mahadevan                     95223134 (L & T Colony / Humbar)
  4. Mr. Elangovan                       95650662 (Port & SIPC)
  5. Mrs. Sonali Khare                 95163932 (Palm Garden)
  6. Mr. Ravishankar                    99366597 (Sohar Industrial Estate)
  7. Mr. Ramesh                          99462870 (Al Badi village & Falaj)
  8. Mr. Sreekumar                      92515803 (Humbar / Indian School area)
  9. Mr. Khalid                              99269622 (Falaj and Multaqa)
  10. Mr. Nell Vaz                          99004413 (Humbar)
  11. Mr. Asim Mohd                      92839039 (Waqaibah & Tareif area)
  12. Mr. Ravindran                       95043265 (Sohar Univ. Otab Area)
  13. Dr. Rajiv Tandon                   99002453 (Sohar Hospital) - Presently Not Available

The idea of formation of the club was to foster closer relationships between members of the Indian community and to get to know each other better. I request all members new and old to renew their membership and join us for the picnic in large numbers

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