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Dear All,

P.O. BOX : 82
Postal Code : 311
Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

You may contact us in any of the following email id's

Contact Email ID Description
Feedback Send in your Comments and suggestions on our events
Chairman Contact our chairman directly
Contact Us to reach us for any event information and to extend voluntary support
Information If you require any sort of information about the club and its activities
Administrator to make changes in this website and to communicate system & information errors if present
General This is the General ID any of the above mentioned shall be sent to this id.
Talents Send details about your inherent talents, which will be reviewed to give opportunity  to you to take part in the related forthcoming events.
Name : br /> Age :
Talented in : Singing / Dancing / Mimicry / Indoor Events / Outdoor Events / Instruments / Others
Description about your talents
Talented Person is : Self / Spouse / Son / Daughter
Your Membership Number : (if your are a member)
Contact Person :
Email ID:

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