Annual Picnic
Annual Picnic - 2022 (25-Feb-2022)

Dear Friends,
The Executive Committee of Indian Social Club, Sohar announces the Annual member's only picnic as well as call upon the Indian Community of Sohar to renew or become new members of the club. Application for New Membership can be downloaded from Download Membership Form
The Annual Picnic will be on Friday, 25th February in Sohar Entertainment Park Sanaya, Sohar. from 3 pm onwards. For the Annual Picnic we need confirmation ASAP about participation. Existing and new members can send details of your name, family numbers (age/gender), food choice veg/non-veg to our executive members with their membership number. or You may register yourself in this link :
Only those members who renew their membership for the year 2022 or become new members are eligible to attend the picnic.
For assistance please contact 
Kondala Rajesh - 99385148
M.S.Jha - 99838233
Sonali Khare - 95163932
Ravindran - 95043265
Mahadevan - 95223134
Biju Malpani - 99208781
Ravi Prabhakaran - 99248564
Shaila Prabhu - 92819732
Asim Mohd. - 99818399
Roshan Andrade - 92889428
The members should follow social distancing and latest covid rules from the supreme committee. Adult members should be vaccinated with at least 2 doses.
A token fee of R.O 4 per family and R.O 2 per single member will be charged to know the numbers attending so that food, games, etc. can all be arranged in a proper way. The picnic day will start with snacks at 4 pm and will be followed by various games, a lot of lucky dips, photo corner, dinner, tambola and finally wind off. 
Here's looking forward to lots of members new and old to register for the picnic
With warm regards
Kondala Rajesh
Indian Social Club, Sohar
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