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Antakshri - 2011

The Antakhshri musical competition is to be held on Friday, 2nd Dec. 2011 in the Sohar Entertainment Centre amphitheatre near Senaiya from 5 pm onwards. The event is being choreographed, designed and hosted by Mr. Ramesh Mani, CEO, Majan Glass. The event will have the same rules like last year and we will have a mixture of old and new songs. On request of the younger members more new songs have been added. The last date for reciept of entries for the Antakhshri competition is Wed. 31st Nov. 2011.
The evening's best male and female singer will have a special prize. A panel of judges will decide the same.
A few points worth mentioning.
  1. The event is open to members of Indian Social Club, Sohar and their family members. A nominal entry fee of R.O 3/- is to be submitted along with the registration details.
  2. Non-member teams can submit their names provisionally and if total entries recieved are less than 16 teams then they may be allowed to take part. Otherwise they can come and enjoy as audience. Entry fee for non-member team is R.O 6/-.
  3. Members of the same family e.g Husband & Wife can form seperate teams as long as all team participants are members of ISC, Sohar
  4. Event is team based with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 participants in each team.
  5. Usual rules of Antakhshri will apply. Hindi film songs will be the basis of the event.
  6. For wider participation among the non-Hindi speaking participants the ending word will be taken as in the English alphabet.
  7. Event will consist of various rounds incl. Audio-visual, word round, fastest finger, knowledge about music director, singer, film personality etc.
  8. Decision of the Official host of the evening / Master of Ceremony will be final.
  9. Maximum of 16 teams will qualify for the final rounds starting from 5 pm.
  10. Each qualifying round will have 4 teams, ultimately to have 4 teams for the Finals.
  11. In the event of more than 16 team entries recieved, ISC, Sohar reserves the right to conduct a written screening Music/Film quiz to select the final 16 teams.
  12. The screening process will then be held at the same venue at 3 pm.
Participants wishing to take part in the Antakhshri may do so by submitting their entry fee, team name, list of team members, contact e-mail and phone nos. to the Entertainment committee of ISC, Sohar namely Mr. Sreekumar (92515803) or to Mrs. Sonali Khare (95163932) or to any Executive Committee member.
In case of a common team name i.e 2 teams having the same team name then an on the spot draw will be held to allott the team name, so keep a standby team name ready.
All the above involves a lot of expense and we hope to have a generous sponsor for the events. Please come forward for the same. Contact me or any Exec. Comm. member for details.
With warm regards.
Dr Rajiv Tandon
Hon. Chairman
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