Antakhshri - 2012
Antakhshri - 2012...



We have the 3rd season of Antakhshri to be hosted by Mr. Ramesh Mani, CEO, Majan Glass and Mrs. Namita Gupta of International Maritime College Oman on Friday, 7th Dec. 2012 to be held in the open air Amphitheatre of Sohar Entertainment Centre from 5 pm onwards.

Teams interested in taking part may give their Team names and of participants to
   - Mr. Rajesh Kondala - 99385148
   - Mrs. Sonali Khare - 95163932
   - Mr. Sreekumar - 92515803
or to any Excecutive Committee member of Indian Social Club, Sohar or send their details to latest by Wednesday 5th Dec. 2012.

Maximum number of teams to take part in main event is 20 not 16 as in previous mail.

Entry fee per team (consisting of 2 to 3 participants) will be

R.O 3/- for an all ISC, Sohar member team,
R.O 5/- for a mixed team of members and non-members and
R.O 6/- for a non-member team.

The best male and female singer of the evening will get a prize sponsored by Majan Glass SAOG. Entry to the Amphitheatre to watch the event is free for all and we are trying to get a food stall put up there. So note the date in your diary and be there to take part or cheer the participants.

We are conducting a lot of events and expenses are mounting. For successful planning and execution of future events we need sponsors to generously come forward.

Rules and details about the for the event is as follows. Rules and details about the for the event is as follows.


 A few points worth mentioning.>

  1. The event is open to both members of Indian Social Club, Sohar and non-members.
  2. If entries received exceed 16 teams then ISC, Sohar reserves the right to conduct a written screening Music/Film quiz from which the teams would be shortlisted.
  3. Members of the same family e.g. Husband & Wife can form separate teams.
  4. Event is team based with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 participants in each team.
  5. Usual rules of Antakhshri will apply. Hindi film songs will be the basis of the event.
  6. For wider participation among the non-Hindi speaking participants the ending word as per the pronunciation only will be taken as in the English alphabet e.g. : Song ends with Pyaar , the next song begins with ‘RA / RI / RU’.
  7. This Event will also test the FILMI knowledge of the participants at every step. This year’s questions have been made simpler & easier
    compared to the last two years.
  8. The various rounds will be from

·         Normal Antakshari rounds.

·         Song Antaras / Mukhdaas rounds.

·         Songs with props round.

·         Music Directors / Singers /Film Personalities Song rounds.

·         Audio – Visual Song Rounds.

·         Specific Topic / Incident related Song rounds.

·         Pairing Actor / Actresses song rounds.

·         There can be other surprise rounds in addition to the above.

  1. Decision of the Official host of the evening will be final.
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