2nd Annual Chess Competition
2nd Annual Chess Competition - 11-August-2011 - 7:15 PM Onwards


Dear Friends,
The Executive Committee of I.S.C, Sohar wishes to thank all those who attended the Bengali folk music programme "Baul Gaan" held in Sohar University auditorium on 7th June 2011. We also wish to thank our main sponsors Al Jazeera Steel and Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel for their help in conducting the event. Thanxs are also due to Al Zam L.LC, Galfar, Oman Shapoorji and Kalhat for their sponsorship of the event.

Indian Social Club, Sohar is now conducting the 2nd Annual Carrom ( Friday 29th July'11) and Chess ( Friday 11st August'11 ) tournament in Sohar Plaza, i.e. the Sohar Cinema Complex. The tournamant will be in 4 categories.

  1. Upto 12 years of age, both boys and girls in same category
  2. 12 yrs to 18 yrs, both boys and girls in same category
  3. Above 18 yrs, male
  4. Above 18 yrs, female

A minimum of 8 participants are essential for the event in that particular category to be conducted.

The tournament is open to all members and non-members of ISC, Sohar including other nationalities. A nominal entry fee of R.O 1 for members and R.O 2 for non-members will be charged to cover expenses. As the venue is the food court of Sohar Plaza, snacks, drinks etc will not be an issue. We are hoping for a sponsor to come forward for the same.
The Carrom tournament is to be held from 2 pm onwards on Friday 29th July 2011. Last date for submission of entries is 27th July. All India Carrom federation rules will apply.
The Chess tournament is to be held from 2 pm onwards on Friday 11st August 2011. Last date for submission of entries is 09th August. All India Chess Federation rules will apply.
The entries for the chess and carrom events with name and the entry fee may kindly be submitted to any of the following during evening hours.
Mr M.S Jha, 99838233
Mr Nell Vaz, 99004413
Dr Mahesh Mistry, 99418047
Mr Sunil Sharma, 92808104
Mr Rajesh K, 99385148
Mr Ravindran, 95043265
Mr Sreekumar, 92515803
We appeal to individuals and companies to come forward to sponsor the carrom and chess tournament in whole or in parts to make them a grand success. You may contact me for details of sponsorship.
With warm regards
Dr. Rajiv Tandon
Hon. Chairman
Indian Social Club, Sohar

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