Art Competition 18-Nov-2016...
On Friday, 18th November 2016 the Executive Committee of Indian Social Club, Sohar is organizing the Annual Art Competition for children as well as for adults to mark Children's Day and will be held in Al Nahdha Garden in Sohar @ 5 pm. All participants to reach the venue for registration at 4.00 pm. Entry to the event is free & open to all who may desire to take part including other nationalities. The various categories and topics are
  1. Upto and including Class 2nd - Wax Crayon colouring of an outlined given drawing (Only Wax crayons)
  2. From class 3rd to class 5th - Colour Pencil drawing and coloring on the topic "A bird on a branch" (Sketch Pen use strictly not allowed including outlining)
  3. From Class 6th to Class 8th - Water / Poster colour painting on the topic "Sunset at the beach" (Sketch pen use strictly not allowed)
  4. From Class 9th to Class 12th - Poster making competition using Poster / water colours on the topic "Social media addiction" (Sketch pen use strictly not allowed)
  5. For adults (both ladies & gentlemen) - Sketching of a given on the spot OBJECT using lead pencils (any grade)
  6. For all age groups (Children & adults both) - On the spot Calligraphy competition - Only using black pen or lead pencil. No colors.
Please note children will have to draw sitting on a carpet on the floor. There are no tables. Please get your own clipboards for clipping the drawing paper.

Please park your cars outside the lane leading to the venue.

Good quality A 4 size paper will be used for all the categories and will be provided by ISC, Sohar. Other items like crayons, pencils, erasers, paints, clip boards etc to be used for the competition will have to be got by the participants themselves. All the works of art so generated will be the property of ISC, Sohar. Judging will be done later by a panel appointed by ISC, Sohar. 3 prizes in each category will be distributed in some future event of ISC, Sohar. For details contact Mrs. Sonali Khare @ 95163932.
I call upon sponsors to come forward to give token gifts to all the participants and to the prize winners. Please contact me or Mr. Rajesh Kondala @ 99385148 for the same.
Please circulate this mail to all your friends and especially to children to let them be informed about the same. 


Dr. Rajiv Tandon
Hon. Chairman

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