Corporate Football Tournament - 2012

WINNER                                                       : AL NAHDHA

RUNNERS UP                                            : L & T, MFY

The inaugural football tournament organized by Indian Social Club, Sohar on Friday, 20th Jan. 2012 was well attended and participated. The winners were Al Nahdha and the runners up were L & T, MFY. The best dressed / kitted trophy went to Indian School, Sohar while the most disciplined team were from Al Jazeera Steel. An important feature of this tournament was the whole hearted participation of Omani employees of companies. I, on behalf of the Executive Committee of ISC, Sohar wish to express my gratefulness to the Al Nadha group of companies for helping us organize this event.

Dear Friends,

We have the 
Corporate Football tournament to be held in Naib al Arbi ground near Sallan roundabout this Friday, 20th Jan. 2012 from 8 am onwards. The rules of the tournament are attached. For more details and for entries inform / contact Mr Nell @99004413 latest by Wednesday 18th Jan. 2012. We need a minimum of 8 teams for the event to be held.

        1. The tournament matches will be played under the international rules, except for some rules mentioned herein.
        2. All the teams are strongly advised to be on the field on time for the matches.
        3. Each team must carry at least one football.
        4. There will be no off-side. Also, there will be no throw-in; instead, free kick will be awarded.
        5. Any numbers of changes are allowed, i.e. if a player goes out any number of times, he may return with match officials’ permission only.
        6. The team will consist of 9 players on the field, and 4 extras will be allowed, i.e. a total of 13 players on the Line- up.
        7. If any objection is to be raised whatsoever by the opposing team, it should be brought to the Committee’s notice only by the Manager
           or Captain before the match begins or during the match in progress AND NOT WHEN THE MATCH IS ENDED.
        8. Players who abuse and instigate quarrel on the field could be banned with one or more matches. The decision will be at the discretion
           of the Committee.
        9. Tournament Format:
                  o The first phase of the tournament will be a League system where the winner will be awarded 3 points. In case of a draw each team
                     will be awarded 1 point.
                  o The second phase will be Knock-Out stage
      10. The duration of the matches is as follows: League Matches : 7 minutes each half Semifinal : 12 minutes each half Final : 12 minutes
            each half Half- time break is 1-2 minutes
      11. In case any two teams in the same group tie with equal points, then the winner will be decided on goal difference, goal average,
           goals scored and finally goals received. If for any reason both teams again tie in all respects, then the winner will be decided by 3
           penalty-kicks followed by sudden death if need be.
      12. In the knock-out phase if the score remains equal, then 5 penalty- kicks will be awarded to each team, followed by sudden death
            if need be.
      13. In the Finals, if the score is equal, then 5 penalty- kicks will be awarded to each team followed by sudden death if need be.
      14. Each team has to wear its own team jerseys.
      15. Please note that the Committee will not be responsible for any injuries to the players during or after the tournament.
      16. Any kind of misbehavior will be prohibited on the ground. Therefore, the Committee will not assume any responsibility whatsoever.
           Please maintain good discipline at all the time.
      17. The entry fee for each team is RO 50/-
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