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Dear Friends,
HDFC Home Loans are doing a one day counselling and promotion event exclusively for members of Indian Social Club Sohar on Friday, 25th of May 2012 in Al Nahdha Garden, Sohar from 10 am onwards till late in the evening. The promotional event will be held in the office of Indian Social Club, Sohar.
A team of Home Loan counsellors who can provide expert advise on property purchase for availing loans and repayment of loans in India will be present to guide our members. They will also assist to avail of home loans for purchase of residential properties in India new properties, ready as well as underconstruction apart from loans for construction on plots and land purchase loans. They will also be offering assistance on opening of Demat and Trading Accounts through HDFC Securities along with NRE and NRO accounts.
HDFC Home Loans have offered to reduce the processing fee of the loan by 0.5% for all active members of Indian Social Club, Sohar i.e. all those existing members whose dues are paid till date and for new members who may join. All members of the Indian Community of Sohar are welcome to attend the session but the special offer is valid only for members of Indian Social Club, Sohar. However if you become a member you can avail of the offer immediately.
A reminder to all about the upcoming Annual Chess tournament to be held on Friday 1st June 2012 in Sohar Plaza (Cinema complex) from 2 pm onwards. The event is open to all whether members of ISC, Sohar, non-members and for all nationalities. For entries please send an sms with your details or contact the following Mr. Nell 99004413 & Mr. Asim Mohd. 92839039 latest by the evening of 30th May 2012.
With warm regards
Dr Rajiv Tandon
Hon. Chairman
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