Ladies Day Out - 2011
Ladies Day Out - 18-November-2011 - Photo Gallery

 Dear Friends,
Women play an important part in our lives. Mothers nurture us, sisters pamper us, wives make up our better half and our daughters we love to spoil. For all these special women in our lives Indian Social Club, Sohar is having an exclusive event titled Ladies Day Out. The event consisting of competitions in various activities will be held as per the following details
Date : Friday, 18th November 2011
Venue : Al Nahdha old office compound
Time : 5 pm onwards.
Entry fees : For ISC, Sohar members - R.O.0.500 per event
                   For non-members             - R.O.1.000 per event
Their is no age restriction. Any female child / adult can take part in any event. Judges decision will be final.
Minimum 8 participants should be in an event for it to take place.
Competitions are in the following events,
1) RANGOLI : All materials should be brought by the participants. Only dry powders of rangoli and dry colours are allowed.
    A 2 ft x 2 ft square will be made available to draw. The time given for the event will be 30 min.
2) KOLAM / MUGGU : All materials should be brought by the participants. Only dry rice powder and dry colours are allowed.
    A 2 ft x 2 ft square will be made available to draw. The time given for the event will be 30 min.
3) MEHENDI / HENNA : Mehendi cones will be provided by the Indian Social Club, Sohar.1 cone to each participant. This is self hand draw competition on the palm only. The time given for the event will be 30 min.
4) NAIL PAINTING : Nail Polish etc. should be brought by the participants.This is a self nail painting competition of all 5 nails of any one hand. Time given for this event is 30 minutes.
5) SALAD DECORATION : The given materials should be arranged by the participants and brought to the venue. Only tables will be arranged by Indian Social Club, Sohar.
You have to cut the vegetables and arrange your decoration in the given time at the venue itself. The kitchen implements like knives, scrappers, chopping boards, tooth picks, plates, trays etc. that are needed to do the cutting, decoration etc. you have to bring. Time limit for this competition is 60 min. 
The unpeeled vegetables mentioned below and brought by participants will be inspected prior to the event.
1. Cucumber - 4 no.
2. Carrot      - 2 no.
3. Tomato    - 3 no.
4. Onion       - 2 no.
5. Spring onion - 2 no.
6. Potato        - 1 no.
7. Lemon       - 1 no.
8. Capsicum  - 2 no.
ISC, Sohar reserves a right to add to this list any fruit or vegetable etc. from their side to be used mandatorily as a surprise.
For any clarification about rules etc. please contact Mrs. Sonali Khare @ 95163932. The entry along with the entry fee can be given either to Mrs Sonali Khare (95163932) or any of the below mentioned volunteers latest by 16th Nov. 2011.
1) Mrs. Mousmi Bandhopadya : 92937065
2) Mrs. Chitra Mahadevan : 99064088
3) Mrs. Priya Elangovan : 95650663
4) Mrs. Geetha Sreekumar : 92790832
5) Mrs. Sabitha : 95265476
6) Mrs. Amneet : 99004792 
7) Mrs. Kalpana Jha : 92680917
Please pass this mail to all your contacts to inform them especially to your spouse and daughters. All those willing to volunteer in organizing the event are welcome to do so and may please give your names to Mrs. Sonali Khare @ 95163932.
I request sponsors especially companies dealing with FMCG, Entertainment, Cosmetics, Clothing, Household items, Food related etc to help organize the event by sponsoring either by cash/cheque or in the form of gifts and prizes for participants and winners. Your contribution will be duly acknowledged and banner prominently displayed at the venue. Please contact me or any Executive Committee member for details.
With warm regards
Dr Rajiv Tandon
Hon. Chairman
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