Indian Embassy Online Registration
Indian Embassy Online Registration
Dear Friends,

As a few of you must be aware, Indian Embassy, Muscat has started a process of registering Indians in the Sultanate of Oman online so as to be able to reach out to them and be aware of their presence. This is also essential for registering of voting rights for NRI.

I request each one of you to register yourself and members of your family who have a Civil I.D Cards with the Indian Embassy in Muscat. The registration is currently being done online at the embassy's website

The same can be done by following this link

I also request employers, managers, management heads to put this appeal prominently on their notice boards. The same e-mail may please be circulated to your friends for maximum registration in the Indian Embassy.

As and when Indian Social Club, Sohar gets physical Registration forms from the embassy we will circulate the same to be filled up by those who are unable to complete the registration process online.

With warm regards

Dr Rajiv Tandon
Hon. Chairman,
Indian Social Club, Sohar
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