ISC, Sohar Quiz Show - 12-May-2011


The Executive Committee of ISC, Sohar announces a Quiz competition to be held on Thursday, 12th May 2011 starting at 7 pm in Al Nahdha old office complex on the service road to Safeer Hypermarket. A few salient points to mention
  1. The Quiz will be team based with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 members in each team.
  2. Any combination of team is allowed i.e. all adults, all children or a mixed team of adults or children of either sex.
  3. All team participants must be members or dependants of ISC, Sohar members.
  4. All those who want to take part in the Quiz, but are not members may take part by becoming members of ISC, Sohar latest by 10th May 2011. Membership forms may be downloaded from our website
  5. Last date for submitting the entries are 10th May 2011. Please keep a Team Name to identify yourself e.g. Brainies or Duffers
  6. A nominal amount of R.O 3/- per team has been kept as entry fee.
  7. The Quiz master decision is final.
  8. Participants will not be allowed to use mobile phones during the competition.
  9. In case of more entries a screening exam may be conducted on the same day and at the same venue for all teams to narrow the field.
  10. A maximum of 8-12 teams will be allowed to take part depending on the response.
  11. All members of the Indian Community of Sohar are invited to come and cheer the participants. Audience prizes for the correct answers will be given. No participation fee for the audience.
Entries may be given along with Team name, Names of participants, ISC, Sohar membership number, entry fee, Mobile contact number and e-mail address latest by the evening of 10th May 2011. Please contact any one of the following to submit your entries preferably during evening hours 6 pm onwards.
  • Mr. Elangovan 95650662
  • Dr Mahesh Mistry 99418047
  • Mrs Mousmi Bandhopadya 92937065
  • Mr Nell Vaz 99004413
  • Mr K. Rajesh 99385148
  • Mr Ramesh 99462870
  • Mr Ravindran 95043265
  • Mrs Sonali Khare 95163932
  • Mr Sunil Sharma 92808104
  • Dr Pramod Gupta 99262730
I request all those who recieve this to circulate, especially to your spouses and children to enable them to be informed and to take part.
Happy quizzing and warm regards
Dr Rajiv Tandon
Hon. Chairman,
Indian Social Club, Sohar
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